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Small Block Ford 36-1 Trigger Wheel

Small Block Ford 36-1 Trigger Wheel

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36-1 Trigger Wheel with multiple mounting positions, designed to fit between the harmonic balancer and crankshaft pulley (.120 thickness). This trigger wheel can be used with any VR or Hall Effect crankshaft position sensor to provide your ECU with accurate crank position information. Pulley alignment can usually be corrected with heavy washers or by machining the mounting face of the balancer back 0.120".

Installation Note: Fitment is designed based on a new, clean harmonic balancer. Installing on used, dirty, or rusty balancers will require cleaning/sanding the pilot step of the balancer. This ensures a true rotation without wobble/runout. It is common to use the crank pulley or it's bolts to press all pieces in to place. 

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