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EZ Fab (Tig Weld Rings)

EZ Fab (Tig Weld Rings)

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This is the industry's first TIG welding filler ring designed to allow the welding of butt jointed pipe or tubing without the use of filler and dabbing.

These will aid a variety of users from novice to professional by easing the process of TIG welding your pipe and saving A LOT of time. Snap the ring between two pieces of pipe/tube and start welding the raised lip in the joint with your TIG torch. In most cases, you can use these during fit-up to hold the individual pieces together without the need for tape and tacking, though tacks are still a good idea. 

The backing strip eliminates the need to back-purge your pipe and also gives you plenty of material to keep from burning holes in your joints. 

These are currently exclusively sold by HG Manufacturing as well as Monkey Fab Garage at the link below: If I'm out of stock, check their store!

EZ Fab 9000

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