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AN Test Plug

AN Test Plug

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HG Manufacturing is proud to offer the AN Test Plug, used for pressure testing and leak testing your new AN hose assemblies. 

Have you ever assembled an AN fuel line, mounted everything in place, then primed the fuel system only to realize you were leaking fuel all over your engine from an AN hose? How about leaking coolant from your AN cooling hoses? AN hoses are notoriously difficult for people to assemble so these test plugs will aid in ensuring nothing is wrong before you make a mess.

These plugs allow you to test your hoses with shop air and a pressure gauge so you can ensure no leaking before installing. Save yourself the headache, use these AN Test Plugs!

Test Port Thread Size:
-04 = 1/16NPT
-06 = 1/8NPT
-08 = 1/4NPT
-10 = 1/4NPT
-12 = 1/4NPT
-16 = 1/4NPT
-20 = 1/4NPT
-24 = 1/4NPT

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